With the arrival of Lollipop Google has been rolling out updates to its apps en masse, and now comes the turn of its note-taking tool. The new version of Google Keep adds the interesting possibility to use it as a collaborative tool, allowing you to give other users access so they can see your notes and even edit them in real time, offering a new wrinkle on its original function. This feature is now available on the iOS and Android apps as well as the desktop client.

When you create a new note (whether it be text, list, audio, or image), you can add any contact from your Android contacts book, with the profile pics of each associated viewer floating at all times in bubbles. You can’t, however, assign different levels of administrative privileges, meaning whoever you add can make any edits they wish to the note.


The other improvement lies in the option to assign a color to each note so you can color-code them according to your own criteria, and can even search all your saved notes based on their color. This is especially useful if you use Keep as a junk drawer to store content over the long term. These additions make the tool a useful native app that, besides coming preinstalled on the latest versions of Android, is multiplatform and lets you send and receive content from both your mobile device and your desktop computer using its webapp.


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