Every minute of the day, in every corner of the globe, thousands people are using Google Image Search. While locally saving the images you find might end up unleashing utter chaos on your hard drive, it can be worse still to save stacks of URLs that give no clue as to what you’re actually storing. Luckily, though, a new feature has just been added to Google Search on both the desktop and smartphone versions so you can tick images as favorites to go into a gallery where you can store them in a gallery and arrange them by tags.


When you do a Google Image Search and click on a result to view its info, you’ll see a new icon alongside the one to view the full image or image URL, and when you click on it that image will go into your aforementioned gallery, accessible at https://www.google.com/save/. Another cool thing is that not just the image but also all the information attached to it gets stored, and you can view your full gallery in a slideshow or glance over the image thumbnails.


If you click on the section to organize them by tag, you can view all the content arranged as if you’d put it in different folders, with all this simplicity revealing a super useful addition to your bookmarking system or even your standard note-taking software.



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