Android software is characterized by segmentation, owing to the layers of customization added by the various different phone manufacturers. This means that the default apps included on a smartphone vary loads from model to model. But Google has just released its official Clock app to be used on any device, taking advantage of the launch of a new version that revamps its aesthetic and adds a few extra features, all of which are now better organized in line with the Material Design aesthetic.

There wouldn’t be so much fanfare here if the clock itself weren’t so important. The app lets you set up alarms and multiple alerts automatically, such that, for example, you can assign one alarm from Monday to Friday and another for the weekends. It also includes a stopwatch and a timer. Finally, it’s multi-clock system for displaying the time in different timezones on the same screen can be super-useful in certain circumstances.

google reloj android 1 Google Clock for Android now available for everyone

If you dig into the settings there are a few even more interesting configuration items, such as the option to customize the behavior of the alarms (how long they’ll go before being silenced or the number of repetitions if you don’t turn them off). All this, as well as an included widget to integrate the app into your home screen. Sometimes we have so many useless and bizarre apps installed that we forget to pay attention to improvements in the ones we use every day.

google reloj android 2 Google Clock for Android now available for everyone



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