The competition in the browser arena is fierce. Recently, we informed you about how the Mozilla Foundation released the final version of Firefox 18, but now it is Google who has released a new version of its famous browser – Chrome v.24. To be precise, it was really an update, not a new version, but the few changes that browser received are actually very important.

Actualización de Chrome 24

For example, the Omnibox, the bar where you type the URL to a certain website, but which also works for web search, has been modified so that your favorites are included in the suggestions, and so that only results based off the first few characters you type appear.

In addition, this version of Chrome is the first that includes support for MathML, which is a language based on XML that allows you to write mathematical equations and integrate them properly into the web. Also, Chrome 24 has improvements in HTML 5 support, a new WebKit engine, and Flash has been updated to

All these technical upgrades result in greater browser speed and performance. But, pay attention, because Google has released a table that could seem confusing, in which the company shows that the browser is now 26% faster according to JavaScript tests, but that is with “previous versions” of Chrome. That isn’t the same thing as Mozilla’s 25% increase in speed on Firefox 18, compared to the version just previous to it.

Actualizacion de Chrome 24

There have also been security updates made with this update: More than 20 different security bugs were found, which doesn’t shed great light on the security that Chrome offered before. Let’s remember that Google once offered $1,000 as a reward to developers who were able to find security flaws, and reported them to the Mountain View company-

This update for Chrome was automatic – if that is how you have the browser configured – so, if you use it frequently, it has probably already updated itself. Rumors say that this is the first and only version of Chrome 24.

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