Gmail ads will soon make the jump from your web interface to your mobile devices: the email manager will begin to place ads in its iOS and Android apps without allowing block options. This is one of the new features that will come as part of its 4.6 update.

GMail novedades cabecera

Gmail has taken the step of inserting ads in its mobile app in the newest update it has released, and in spite of the fact that not all users will take this as good news, it’s at least true that it gives you the chance to choose which ads you do or don’t wish to see, even letting you save some of them if you want to.

Android Police made this discovery about the addition of ads while it was trialing the new software, which revealed different files related to Google’s advertising service, Google Ads.

In spite of the fact that we don’t yet know what exactly the ads will be like, it’s believed they will be banners, and even though a judge has already spoken out to say that this might violate user privacy, it’s clear that the U.S. company will carry on trying to seduce advertising revenues, given that in the end this is its primary source of income.

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