There are new features in Gmail. Google have made a series of changes to the service that are designed to improve the experience of composing emails for the user. What stands out is the new ability to write the body of the email in a window that is independent from the inbox.

GMail novedades cabecera GMail offers new features

Gmail is one of the most successful Google products. In a matter of just a few years, the tools that this email and chat service offers have turned it into one of the public’s favorites, as users trust it the most. In the U.S. and the rest of the world, Gmail fights for first place in its sector of the market against Hotmail and Yahoo!

Now one of the small setback that Gmail has always had has been fixed: When you would go to write an email, you could no longer see the inbox, which is why if you wanted to check the inbox you had to save the email you were writing as a draft, open Gmail in a new window, or do some other similarly difficult process.

What they have done is make it possible to compose emails in a pop-up window independent from the inbox that allows you to look up other emails and have access to the rest of service’s utilities simply by minimizing the window where you are writing the new email.


Another interesting modification that they have added to Google’s email service is the ability to view the profile image of the person you’re going to send an email to. Thus while you begin writing the name or email address and the autocomplete feature shows you the possible addressees, it will also show you the profile picture of each of those contacts.

In addition, they have made it so the reply box takes up less space when replying to an email. These changes will gradually roll out to Gmail users through out the next few days, and you will have the option to enable the features or not.


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