For weeks now we’ve been getting a drip of updates on the Google apps ecosystem with regards to the arrival of Android 5.0 on November 5. And now comes the turn of one of the service’s cornerstones: you can now download and install the new version of Gmail, which alongside the long-awaited Material Design offers a complete redesign to its interface and adds features as interesting as the option to configure and use external email accounts like Outlook or iCloud via an intuitive wizard.

At the aesthetic level, the update follows the line already seen in other Google apps, with changes to the spacing and size of the fonts to offer the info in a much better-spaced, clearer layout, which you can especially notice in the inbox and the separation between the different sections. The other important change is to the side drop-down menu, which now brings together all your accounts into a more intuitive upper panel than the one seen in the previous system.


The body of the emails is also now much more interesting. The timeline of mail exchange between several users can be consulted much more clearly, and the context options for the screen you’re on are much clearer and displayed in the upper red bar, including the buttons to send mail, add attachments, or move messages to a certain folder.


But what’s really outstanding about this new app is its compatibility when it comes to adding email accounts from external services without annoying setup processes. Via the ‘Add new account’ option you can associate addresses from Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, and Exchange, which will be automatically configured just by adding your account credentials. Obviously, you can also still manually add POP3 or IMAP parameters as you would have before using Android’s generic email tool.


Although this update will arrive within the next few days, it’s still not available on Google Play, meaning the only way to get it is to download and install its APK via the usual process for getting apps on Uptodown.



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