Life as a game collector is hard: given the number of formats and platforms out there it can get complicated to maintain a single list with all the information included in your catalogue. GamerzDB is a free program for Windows that brings together into one interface an endless array of tools to organize your games. It offers, among many other things, info on each title as well as options to view graphs of your gaming expenses,  and filter the collection with a wide range of sort tools.

Each time you want to add a new game, the program will automatically suggest titles that match the letters you’re typing from its database of more than 50,000 games ‘scraped’ from the web. Thus just by selecting the game you’ll get the cover, description, developer info, and other details (although you can also manually edit each entry in full, filling in any fields as desired).


GamerzDB includes many additional features, such as the option to manage your monthly gaming expenditures, with your results displayed in a graph that you can filter by the desired parameters. It’s also possible to add personal info to each entry, such as the date of purchase, the place you bought it, the price, and whether it was secondhand. Likewise, you can tick a game as a loan to make its title appear in red in your catalogue list.



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