PUBG Mobile’s Chinese version has a new name: Game For Peace

The Chinese version of PUBG Mobile is called Game For Peace, an anti-war battle royale that includes really peculiar new features.

If you often get lost in the multiple PUBG Mobile versions that have been launched worldwide, don’t you worry, you’re definitely not alone. It seems like Tencent has taken notice and decided to help you out because they’ve changed the name of the Chinese PUBG version. Game For Peace is the new version of the very popular game PUBG Mobile Battlefield. This modification is actually really unique and includes some new playability features.  

Game For Peace

Changing PUBG’s name to Game For Peace isn’t just a unique rebranding strategy, there’s actually a pretty powerful reason as well: Tencent can monetize its game in China now. The company has been waiting for more than a year for the game to reap benefits. But, it’s now that we find out that all this time has been futile for them and that’s why the dramatic name and theme change have surfaced. We’re talking about an anti-war game, as the name strongly suggests, which honors the Chinese airforce.

Game For Peace PUBG Mobile

Although the game might look like the classic PUBG Mobile at first glance, we’ve discovered a number of gameplay changes that modify the entire game experience. The first thing that you’re likely to notice is that there won’t be a single drop of blood spilled. Instead, as soon as destroy another player, the avatar will kneel before you and give you a box with his belongings. Then, he’ll wave goodbye. Literally.

Game For Peace Tencent

The blue area has also changed and it’s now some sort of slightly covered area. The characters’ health won’t decrease when they’re inside this area, instead, the new signal bar will start decreasing. If this bar reaches zero, your adventure will come to an end, so it basically works the exact same way as the health bar. It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll always see a countdown that shows you how long you can be there. In order to re-start this bar, you’ll need to use some sort of batteries that are scattered all over the map.

Another interesting change can be witnessed when five players are left in each round. You’ll see a message that gives you the option to end the game if you wish to do so. If that’s the case, a helicopter will arrive and rescue the survivors and the winner will receive a birthday cake which will be placed on the ground. As you can tell, the company took the new “peacemaker” version of the game to heart.

Game For Peace PUBG

Tencent has really done all that it can to modify PUBG to fit China’s rules and regulations with Game For Peace. The users that have already installed the game will receive an automatic upgrade (so don’t worry about the changes). In fact, although the changes couldn’t be more peculiar, the truth is that the Battle Royale experience has barely changed at all. Bloomberg mentions that Tencent has even consulted with the Chinese military recruitment department during the development of this new version of the popular battle royale.

PUBG Mobile Game for Peace

Game For Peace for Android [APK] | Download


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