Now that we’re well into the 21st century, finding web platforms to get involved with millions of users on a certain topic or theme is a snap. But if you prefer to interact with people interested in an endless array of subjects or just to make friends with people worldwide, Galaxy – Chat & Play will transport you to a virtual universe created especially for a unique community.

If you know or have heard about the legendary Habbo, you should find Galaxy to be equally simple but much more fun. In it you have to create a totally customized avatar, give yourself a username, and start exploring the virtual world. Along the way you’ll navigate a nearly infinite planetary system divided into rooms. In each you’ll run into some of the more than 28 million registered users of this game.

User Galaxy

Gameplay in Galaxy – Chat & Play is as simple as traveling from one planet to another, stopping in all the worlds where you want to meet people, or directly talking to anyone who seems interesting. To do so you just have to click their avatars and choose your preferred option.

Once you’ve made friends in the Galaxy world, you can play a huge number of fun games with them online, chat, or even start a trip together to keep meeting new groups of people.

planet Galaxy

Besides all the forms of social interaction you can find on Galaxy – Chat & Play, you can also enjoy it alone by taking care of a pet or playing one of the mini-games. Enjoy hours of fun thanks to the millions of people from around the world who are online 24 hours a day.


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