This July 29th will mark a year since the official launch of Windows 10. It’s also the final date for you to upgrade your previous version of Windows (from Windows 7 upwards) for free. From then on, to get Windows 10 you’ll have to dish out $119 – so get on the ball within the next 14 days and save yourself a pretty penny.


The only reason you might want to skip this latest version is for lack of decent hardware to run the operating system (especially if you’re making the jump from Windows 7, now with seven years already at its back). But when comparing Windows 10 alongside its direct predecessor, Windows 8.1 comes out worst on all benchmarks and metrics. So there’s really not much reason not to upgrade.

We’ve got your bases covered here on Uptodown in terms of everything related to the upgrade process and getting the most out of all the Windows 10 features. And there’s also info on how to fix any bugs in case the auto-install doesn’t work.

More info | Microsoft Windows official website


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