Clean Master is a free app for Android that can help you ensure your mobile phone is always in optimal condition. By deleting junk files and freeing up memory, it clears out anything that puts a damper on your device performance.

The app is made up of four different tools, each of which has a particular function, thus smoothing the process of deleting junk files, protecting your privacy, optimizing memory use, and managing your installed apps.

Junk files

The junk files feature lets you delete your phone’s cache, leftover installation files, ad folders, and obsolete APKs, which will free up a considerable amount of storage space on your phone.

Archivos basura


The privacy section is in charge of managing the storage of your personal data, chiefly by deleting your browsing and search history and your social network details, including applications like WhatsApp and LINE as well as your email and SMS/MMS inbox.


Memory Optimizer

This feature is tasked with closing apps that are running unnecessarily, thus freeing up RAM being used and improving your device performance. You can select which of them to shut down and which to keep open, something that will prove highly useful for those users of mid-range phones that have limited memory.

Optimizar memoria

In the upper part you can see a bar that shows you the percentage of total memory that’s being used, and if this figure reaches 90% the app sends you a warning that the memory is functioning at the limits of its capacity.

App Manager

This feature lets you directly delete apps that you no longer use, move them to your SD card, or create backup copies in APK format. You can see the total number of apps installed, the amount of space they take up, and the size of each one. Each can be individually selected and moved or deleted if you need more or less space.

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