It’s easy to get lost in the endless catalogue of RPGs that populate Android. To a greater or lesser degree of quality, most of them have all the same social features and standard touch of city-building that’s proved so successful in this ecosystem. We tend not to see many developers distancing themselves from this formula, but there are definitely game alternatives out there that are unique in their tribe. Forge of Glory doesn’t innovate much on what we see in other games, but it’s still masterful in executing the combo of genres that it offers.

Forge Of Glory

Forge of Glory puts you in charge of four valiant warriors who have to defeat all enemies in their path in the levels that make up the campaign. There’s no elaborate backstory, but at least you’ll know that after completing a set of levels you’ll have to face the final boss for that round, who should pose a pretty stiff challenge. So far, so standard, but the curious thing about this game is the battle system, where the puzzle mechanics come into play.

Forge Of Glory

Forget the Attack/Magic menus and the like. Here everything plays out based on matching gems. The influence of the great Puzzle Quest is transparent, though here we’ve got a different grid and the possibility of matching an unlimited number of gems, so long as they’re all the same color. Each character in your group is represented by a certain color gem and they do various attacks depending on the type of match you make.

To add a bit more meat to the matter, there are also items scattered around the gameboard that serve as something like curses that you should get rid of so they won’t help the enemy. The puzzle system might be properly classic, but this still gives it an original touch to a game that’s quite diverse and well balanced in each of its parts.

Forge Of Glory

It’s a shame that Forge of Glory has so far gone rather unnoticed in the Android catalogue as it’s got all the ingredients to be a hit. Besides everything above, the game has the standard village that you can upgrade, defensive PvP combats, and fortress assaults, plus tons of heroes to recruit… In short, a fun and varied game with high production values. We’ll have to shout about it a bit louder so more people can enjoy it with us.

Forge of Glory for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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