You can now play the long-awaited Food Fantasy on Android

Food Fantasy is a new RPG from Elex that combines traditional components from the genre with the management of your own restaurant.

Throughout their long history, role-playing games have come in all shapes and sizes, exploring every possible theme under the sun. One of the many topics that RPGs embrace from time to time is the world of cooking. And one of the most recent games to fit in this category is Food Fantasy, a gorgeous RPG from Elex that has you manage your own restaurant while fighting off a deadly threat that’s ravishing your world. The good news is, you can download this game right now from Uptodown without any geographic restrictions.

Food Fantasy

It’s not the first time that an RPG has had us put on our apron and fire up the burners. A while back, we talked about the fantastic Chef Wars, although Food Fantasy takes a slightly different approach: the kitchen serves more as a backdrop than a main part of the gameplay. The typical RPG gameplay for mobile devices is what dominates the game’s main premise.

Food Fantasy

Just because the main focus is on the combats and creating and ideal team using the Gacha system, that doesn’t mean doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything involving your restaurant: you have to cook food, study recipes, and feed your diners, too. To do this, you have to choose your employees to fill each one of the positions available in your restaurant (which will grow as you level up).

Food Fantasy

Thanks to the restaurant, you’ll get an income to help you finance your adventure. And believe us, the main campaign is going to take a lot of time. The main mode is incredibly long and between combats, you can discover everything that happens in the world around you. Get ready to read tons of dialogue, but luckily, they’re accompanied by beautiful illustrations and outstanding dubbing.

We haven’t even talked about the combats yet, but the thing is, it’s not really what stands out about the game too much. They’re automatic, but you can perform special movements if you have certain characters on your team that have synergies between them. That said, the design of all the enemies is fantastic, along with the gigantic final bosses.

Food Fantasy

Food Fantasy is an excellent RPG in every respect. The addition of the kitchen gives it some extra originality that many similar games are missing. But where the title really shines is in its gorgeous audio/visuals. Your mission to get many of the characters is going to keep you hooked for a good long while.

Food Fantasy

Food Fantasy for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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