Those of us who consume lots of online media are in a bit of a pickle these days. Between à la carte TV services, online streaming subscriptions, cable TV, and the ever-less-cool broadcast television, it can get hard to remember when new episodes come out for the shows you watch. OK, OK, this might be a first world problem – but at least it’s got a solution. Track My Shows is a free Android app with no ads that notifies you beforehand when new episodes are about to come out for your fave series.

track my shows screenshot 2 Follow your TV faves with the Track My Shows app

Nothing too complicated here. The main menu gives you access to a search tool to add your shows. That done, you’ll get two icons at the bottom of your screen to check the latest and upcoming episodes for each series. To get yourself organized, each episode has an option to tick a box as viewed, plus add it to your collection of favorites.

Track My Shows scrapes data from open sites like TheTVDB and Trakt, so its content stays up to date up to the last minute. To get as much use out of the app as possible, you can set it up to send you notifications when the next episode of one of your shows is about to come out.

track my shows screenshot 1 Follow your TV faves with the Track My Shows app

This isn’t the sole tool for this purpose, as there are alternatives out there like Seriesguide and TVShow Time, but Track My Shows has the advantages of a very elegant interface and a precision that keeps you from getting lost in a bunch of options and info you don’t need.


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