Nowadays, with so many apps trying to offer every single feature imaginable, some creators decide to go in the opposite direction, with a minimalist “less is more” attitude. Focus Go is an app that would fit in more in the latter group, as an image gallery that stands out for how lightweight it is, taking up only 1.4 MB, and for focusing on the basics: letting you view your photos in order and share them easily.

Focus Go

When we say that Focus Go is lightweight and simple, we’re not kidding around. It’s literally the most basic image gallery that we’ve found. And that’s not a bad thing, given that it’s designed for anyone who doesn’t need more features or for devices that begin to suffer under the weight of more complex galleries. It doesn’t offer a photo editor, but instead lets you use whichever editor you prefer. Basically it sticks to what it does best, letting you view your images in the order they reached your device and zoom in on them. And not much else.

Focus Go

Francisco Franco is the app’s creator and he already has a few interesting apps under his belt (Naptime, Servicely, and Battery Saver for Pokemon GO) that stand out for their elegant design and for being completely free. Focus Go follows along these lines and could also be considered to be a mini version of another one of the creator’s aps, Focus, a gallery that offers more features, but hasn’t been updated in a while.

Focus Go

Focus Go is an interesting app that’s perfect for older devices with little free space. The photos viewed through the app even have lower quality to use less of your phone’s resources, but this can be changed easily. It’s an image gallery that focuses all its efforts on giving users a simple and lightweight experience.

Focus Go for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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