Compendiums of mini-games tend to deliver little bursts of gameplay for a few moments and then move you on to the next game. But the case of Flippy Knife is quite the special one, as each mini-game could stand perfectly well on its own as an Android game. This is because each of the four games has enough substance to keep you hooked until you break all the records you fancy. Plus it’s got the distinguishing feature of all of them being focused on throwing knives and other sharp objects and sticking them into various surfaces.

flippy knife featured Flippy Knife: Fun mini-games focused on knife-throwing

Flippy Knife is a sort of All-Star compilation of other Android games that have triumphed thanks to their simplicity and capacity to keep you coming back for more. Hence every mini-game in this title is reminiscent of another release, but the knife-throwing theme that unites them all endows it with a completely new dimension. You’ll have to learn how to handle the physics of each pointy object you unlock as you get coins. And do note that the physics are terrifically realistic – which is pretty far from the norm for games in our Android catalogue.

Flippy Knife

The four mini-games in Flippy Knife are varied enough for you to enjoy each one individually:

  • Vertical throws where you stick the knife or sharp object into a stump.
  • Horizontal throws between surfaces where you try to get as far as possible.
  • Throws from one vertical wall to another while climbing higher and higher.
  • Throws at a moving bullseye.

I’ve gotta admit that Flippy Knife made me suffer a bit gloriously, as I’m not really the best player to ever pick up the game. I got stuck at some point in each mini-game, though I’m fully conscious that that’s my own fault for not being patient enough. The gameplays aren’t complicated, but you do have to get the hang of throwing the knives and other sharp objects. The more often your knife hits is target the better your score.

Flippy Knife

Flippy Knife has the stuff to win over basically anybody thanks to its variety in terms of both gameplay and unlockable content. The graphics are delightful, with pretty pixel art everywhere you look and a nice competitive element that will keep you playing ad infinitum.

Flippy Knife for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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