Flipboard is one of the most restrained, elegant news aggregators in existence. Till now, you could only use it via its different mobile apps, but its developers have finally decided to open it up to any type of device with the release of its version for web browsers, so readers can enjoy the Flipboard experience regardless of which machine or screen they’re using.

This is basically a 1:1 adaptation of the mobile client, with the added benefit that its efficient responsive design lets you view the content in style, regardless of the size of the window in question. Most of the features remain intact, such as reading and cataloguing channels by category or managing your own themed modules and subscriptions.

flipboard web 1 Flipboard launches a version for web browsers

In fact, all the features were retained that arrived to Flipboard last October in its version 3.0, such as the aforementioned custom channels, the ‘Daily Edition’ magazine with a morning selection of the most relevant articles, and the layout of sections across a new horizontal upper bar.

While there are certainly other, similar tools out there for aggregating and reading news in an organized way (round these parts we defend Feedly to the death), we’re still celebrating the arrival of the web version of Flipboard as another high-quality multiplatform service.


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