Games with simple gameplays tend to stack up on our top downloads list, something we’ve seen on Android since the beginning of time. Flip Master is the latest example of a simple and addictive game that everybody invariably ends up getting hooked on. A game where you jump on trampolines for as long as possible to get more and more points.

Flip Master

This title from MiniClip is taking the world by storm and carving out a spot among the most downloaded free games for Android. Although it’s often hard to pinpoint why some games triumph and others don’t, Flip Master owes part of its success to a previous title from MiniClip: Flip Diving, where you’ve got to dive into the sea while doing all sorts of flips and spins. Hence we could almost describe Flip Master as a sequel where you’ve got to jump as long as possible.

Flip Master

In Flip Master you jump and jump and jump on a trampoline while doing somersaults and various poses to pad your score to the greatest extent possible. Each round ends when you make a bad fall and hit your head or crash into the sides of the trampoline or a surrounding object. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve crashed into the car in the first level, though I can assure you it was more than a few.

The game is simple to handle, moving around the level with a finger and picking just the right time to jump on the trampoline. It’s all done with a brilliant physics engine that draws directly on Flip Diving and that lets you see the effect of each jump on your characters’ different body parts.

Flip Master

Flip Master provides immediate fun and enough unlockable content to make you want to see more and more: new trampolines, new settings, new flips, new characters … a wide variety of items that make a simple game great and guarantee continual fun. And note that it’s one of those game that doesn’t require an Internet connection to play, which we can always appreciate.

Flip Master for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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