One of the most annoying medical conditions that can happen to a person’s sense of hearing is the onset of tinnitus. This problem, commonly known as ringing in the ears, causes people who suffer from it to hear a constant buzzing or ringing sound in their ears. Whether it’s temporary or permanent, the truth is that tinnitus is a auditory condition that affects many people. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a list of the best white noise apps for Android, to help ease the suffering from the bothersome illness. With these sounds, it should be much easier to fall asleep.

white noise featured Five white noise apps to help with tinnitus

White Noise Generator – Relaxio

The name of this app and its mission couldn’t be clearer. You’ll find here sounds of rain, fire, wind … an endless collection of high definition sounds generally found in nature. You can combine them however you want and save these mixes to listen to again at another time. Best of all, it offers a simple interface that makes things easy for you. [Download]

White Noise Generator - Relaxio

Chroma Doze

While most white noise apps are pretty similar in general, Chroma Doze stands out from the rest from the get go. Instead of letting you choose different sounds that help you concentrate or sleep, this app lets you establish you’re own auditory spectrum. You can modify it directly until you get the sound you like best. It’s a completely free and open source app that lets you create relaxing sounds using the fast Fourier transform algorithm. [Download]

Chroma Doze

Relax Melodies: Sleep and Yoga

Over 50 high-quality sounds await you in this app, ready to be mixed however you want. This feature lets you easily create completely customized ambient sounds. You can set the volume for each one of the sounds individually, and also set the timer to have these sounds turn off at a specific time. [Download]

Relax Melodies: Sleep and Yoga

Atmosphere: Relaxing sounds

Atmosphere gives you different environments to choose from various sounds: beach, forest, country, city, etc. You can mix them to create the perfect white noise to help your mind relax. What’s more, it includes a selection of binuaral sounds and isochronic tones to help you. In addition to the traditional options offered by these types of apps (timer, high-quality sounds, etc.) it also offers a specially designed interface that aims to prevent eyestrain. [Download]

Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

Sleepo: Relaxing Sounds

It’s impossible not to enjoy the design of the Sleepo interface, one of the apps that we’ve already chosen as one of the best apps for relaxing. With this app, you can easily combine sounds thanks to their organization into four big groups: rain, nature, city, and meditation. It’s a great app that lets you save the combinations you choose, as well as use white, pink, and brown noise. [Download]

Sleepo: Relaxing Sounds


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