The Legend of Zelda is one of the most important sagas in the history of gaming, no doubt about it. It has tons of different games that have appeared over the years for the various Nintendo consoles (plus that CDI meme-game), and nobody can deny Zelda’s extraordinary influence on the world of interactive entertainment. Today, to celebrate the release of the latest title for Wii U, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we’ve pulled together this list of five free Android games inspired from this irresistible saga.

Zelda Android

Stories of Bethem

Lovers of A Link to the Past and the Zelda games for Game Boy are in luck as this title has tons in common with those games, though it takes a little license of their own: the character uses magic to defeat enemies instead of Link’s legendary sword. A game full of details that will keep you hooked for ages. [Download]

Stories of Bethem Zelda


Let’s face it, a Zelda list that doesn’t have Oceanhorn on it is pretty rubbish. It might sound cliché after all this time, but this game is still the “Zelda for Android” thanks to the similarities in aesthetic and gameplay. The Gamecube adventure Wind Waker is what resonates in this Android title, though the gameplay is inspired by Link’s various 3D adventures. The only “but” is that only the first level can be played for free. [Download]

Oceanhorn Zelda


It’s hard for hearts not to be pound when you find a small gem like Fairune. This great little game has a retro look and delightful pixels, but is focused more on puzzles than on battles. It’s a shame that the control system isn’t as organic as it should be for a smartphone game, but it’s still a diamond in the rough anyway. [Download]

Fairune Zelda

Dash Quest

The influence of the adventures of Link shouldn’t just appear in gameplays as the popularity of the saga goes much further than that. The 2D aesthetic is still appealing and you can see it everywhere in the smartphone realm. The graphics in Dash Quest are clearly inspired by the Nintendo saga with a sprite here and there “inspired” by Zelda. But the rest is an original experience: an endless runner/RPG combo offering fun of the highest order. [Download]

Dash Quest Zelda


While we’re still talking about aesthetics, SeaBeard is one of the games that’s delighted us most. This title bears audiovisual witness to the cell-shading techniques offered in Wind Waker and that we can only welcome with open arms. Luckily there’s more to it than just pretty graphics, as it’s got a fun game system, though it resembles the saga created by Shigeru Miyamoto very little or not at all: it’s a sort of Animal Crossing, so everything stays right at home with Nintendo. [Download]

Seabeard Zelda


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