We’ve already talked all your ears off about the SEGA Forever initiative: a line of classics from yesterday and today from the Japanese company, that we can now find for free on Android. While there are already plenty of games available (Sonic the Hedgehog, Dynamite Headdy, Shining Force, etc.), the truth is that there are still so many games in the SEGA catalog that we think are are worth bring to Android. We know that the vast library of the company that brought us Sonic could provide us with enough games to create an enormous wish list of games. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the selection to five games that need to appear on Android through the SEGA Forever initiative. 

3ToeJam & Earl

Speaking of funk, let’s talk about a legendary game from MegaDrive/SEGA Genesis. It’s a title that was released in the early 90’s that was way ahead of its time thanks to its roguelike components and its great split-screen cooperative component. ToeJam & Earl is one of those unforgettable games from the 16-bit SEGA consoles that deserve a whole lot more love. Its sense of humor is still just as funny today as it was back in 1991 and we still can’t believe that it’s not available on Android yet. With a new installment set to come out in 2019, the arrival of this 2-player classic to SEGA Forever would be perfect to give some oomph to a somewhat undervalued saga.

It’s impossible to find games even similar to ToeJam & Earl, but here are some titles with roguelike components that aren’t afraid to show a little sense of humor.

Quadropus Rampage

Alive In Shelter


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