Android doesn’t include a native file manager because, according to Google, they are things of the past – utilities that you should no longer need if all your data were stored in the cloud, and you accessed them as needed. However, not everyone lives in a world in which cloud storage works perfectly, which is why there are many who need this kind of software on their device. Here are five of the best file managers that we can find for your smartphone.


ASTRO File Manager

This app is one of the most widespread in its category, as there are many smartphone brands that include it in their ROMs. In addition to the classic file management and browsing features, ASTRO allows you to backup all of your files and apps, and also integrates the ability to copy your data from cloud storage services, such Google Drive and Dropbox. It also has an image and text file viewer in the same application, a task and download manager – all in the same packet. The app is available in a paid PRO version, and a free version that comes with advertising.


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File Manager

A great file manager – it is both visually appealing and easy to use. In addition to all the basic features, File Manager offers file management tools online, such as FTP server access, online file playback, direct access from the desktop, and file compression capabilities.


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Total Commander

Older users will fondly remember Total Commander, which was really popular during the reign of Windows 95. This app for Android is based on the same premises: fast and efficient performance. It comes with the typical file manager features – it can compress and decompress files, and as a unique feature it can send files via Bluetooth. It definitely isn’t the most complete one you can find, but if you’re looking for a light and efficient app, Total Commander is a great option.


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File Expert

Its developers define this application as the ultimate app for managing your files. It doesn’t just allow you to manage the files stored on your smartphone or tablet, but it also allows you to turn your Android device into a server for sharing files with whoever you want through a WiFi connection. You can also use File Expert as a web, FTP client, and Bluetooth browser, and it even will allow you to create your own cloud storage service.


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ES File Explorer

This app takes all the major features of all the rest of the file managers and combines them into one application. In addition to the typical file management, it allows you to manager files stored on other devices connected to the same local network. It is equipped with an FTP client, Bluetooth, image viewer, and video and music player. But what really makes it stand out from among the rest of the similar applications is how well it integrates with the cloud storage services that it supports: You can link your Box, SugarSync, Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, S3, Yandex, and Ubuntu One accounts.

If this enormous line-up of services hasn’t convinced you, you have to keep in mind that this app is also the most visually appealing – it was just recently updated with an Android Holo interface.


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