The day has finally come: The Elder Scrolls: Blades has landed on mobile devices. The giant videogame publisher, Bethesda has made the daring leap to Android and iOS with a new installment in its most memorable saga. It’s a shame that not everyone can enjoy this RPG yet, since its gradually being released in different locations. But not to worry; we’ve prepared a list with five free games that are similar to The Elder Scrolls: Blades for Android. Whether it’s because you can’t play it yet or because you’re looking for new challenges, you’re guaranteed to have a good time playing any game from this list of RPGs.


It’s not easy to find free RPGs for Android that you can play offline. Not at all. But Naroth is probably the first one to come to mind if you’re looking for something similar to The Elder Scrolls. This nice open world RPG reminds us of Morrowind with its somewhat sloppy graphics that look like they’re from another time period. But it stands out from the rest for that same reason. After all, there aren’t many free open world RPGs with medieval fantasy themes on Android. And best of all, it gives you more than 15 hours of play time without any sort of ads or in-app purchases. [Download]


It’s time to go into the unknown and collect all the treasure that falls into your hands. You continue in the first-person point of view to play the part of a group of conquerors. Unlike other open world RPGs, Expeditionaries has a few features that really make it shine: the map of the quests is randomly generated and the enemies only move when your character does. This combat system is great for creating a good attack strategy, bringing you to the classic world of CRPGs. It’s incredibly fun and offers a setting we don’t see too often in these games. [Download]


Beast Quest

Avantia is a medieval-fantasy world that’s found under the rule of an evil wizard who —surprise, surprise— wants to destroy everything. You can probably guess what your mission in Beast Quest is, right? To defeat him, you’ll have to make it through the different continents in teh game to destroy all the beasts you come across. The great thing about Beast Quest is that it lets you explore the world freely and its combats will take you back to the legendary Infinity Blade. You can easily attack using swipes on the screen. You don’t want to miss out on Beast Quest if you haven’t already given it a try. [Download]

Beast Quest

Kingdom Quest: Crimson Warden

Although this game is more similar to Gothic than The Elder Scrolls saga, they’re still comparable. Kingdom Quest: Crimson Warden sets you loose in a giant open world where you can complete missions until you’re bored. Its controls could pass for any Android MMORPG, but here, you’ll enjoy a single-player experience. There aren’t many like it, so it’s our duty to recommend it until we’re blue in the face. [Download]

Kingdom Quest: Crimson Warden

Exiled Kingdoms

Isometric perspective always offers a little “something” special. Whether it brings back memories of the good old days, or it’s simply a nice view of the world of videogames. And there’s no doubt that RPGs tend to be the genre we think of with this point of view. Exiled Kingdoms brings us a retro adventure that’s halfway between a Diablo-style action RPG and classic CRPGs. It’s a title with tons of possibilities  and where the game’s missions can have different results depending on the choices you make. It’s an outstanding old school-style game for Android. [Download]


    • Like what? If you do know of any other “better choices” im definitely interested in hearing about them! Share the knowledge my bro!

  1. Like what? If you do know of any other “better choices” im definitely interested in hearing about them! Share the knowledge my bro!


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