Staying up to date with national and international news or developments in your field of interest can get complicated when you don’t have time to watch TV or read a newspaper. Nevertheless, thanks to new technologies you can stay informed about everything happening in the world directly from your Android device. What follows is a list of five apps that will keep you up to date at all times, letting you have all the news right in your pocket.


This ‘customized magazine’ will give you a list of the most relevant news in fields of interest to you. To do so you just have to add the topic areas you want to stay informed about and whenever a story is added on that topic you’ll get it in your feed, always in the same format as a traditional magazine, with a small blurb at the beginning that you can click to see the full story.


In addition, with Flipboard you can do more than just read content from newspapers, blogs, or digital magazines, with the additional option of adding your social networks so you don’t miss the best posts from Facebook or Twitter, as well as your RSS feed for new content from your favorite websites. If you want to, you can create a widget in the start window to see the most important headlines of the day up top.


With Issuu you’ll have direct access to thousands of free magazines from all around the world organized by category. The variety is enormous and you can find everything from publications on fashion, design, and crafts to catalogs on education, photography, or art.


If you’re interested in a lot of different magazines you can create your own rack and add your favorites to particular lists. The tool also includes a subscription service that notifies you whenever magazines you follow come out with a new volume, so you won’t miss a single issue.

Google News

This tool, whose full name is Google News and Weather, is the official news app from Google to help you stay informed about everything happening in the world via the main media outlets in your country, as well as the daily weather in your city.

google news

With the option of incorporating a widget into your start window, the main appeal of Google News lies in its wide range of information ordered into the categories Headlines, International, National, Economy, Science and Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Health and Spotlight. You can also add sections as desired to stay informed about a specific topic or field by adding a keyword.

News Republic

News Republic is a complementary tool to Google News. While the latter offers content exclusively from national media, News Republic covers the most important papers and agencies around the globe, including Reuters, Bloomberg, or the Huffington Post.

News Republic

Although it includes info from the national press, this tool stands out precisely for the much broader amount of content it offers compared to others in its category. With it you can also select your favorite sections to stay informed about, as well as two special sections: Latest news and Front page, where you’ll always have the most important, up-to-date content.

Drippler – Top Android Tips

This tool is a very specialized app to keep up to date about everything to do with your Android device. Once you install it, Drippler will recognize your model and operating system so it can refine the search terms of the news you’re going to read.

Once you log in, you’ll find loads of news of interest that is directly related to your user data. You can thus find articles on updates to your operating system or reports on the best games for your particular device, for example.




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