Android has a huge number of games covering all sorts of themes in which you could pass many hours totally engrossed, but not all of them let you play against other users. However, there are loads of games with an online multiplayer mode that let you interact with your friends no matter where you are in the world.

Multijugador Android

Nowadays you have a very wide range to choose from to find the games that suit your preferences and tastes when you’re looking to while away an hour or two; but that doesn’t mean that all your favorite games will have a multiplayer mode that lets you enjoy them with your mates.

But there are lots of options in the same genre that you still can choose from. Many of them have two types of multiplayer: the standard “pass and play”, in which you only have to pass your device to your opponent for her to start her turn, or the online multiplayer mode, in which you can play against your friends wherever either of you are, each from her own device.

Some rather interesting ones include Super Strike Golf 2, Critical Strike Portable, Rivals at War: 2084, Tekken Card Tournament, and Total Conquest; games of sport or strategy, first-person shooter or fighting games, all in multiplayer mode and in real time.

Super Stickman Golf 2

This is a 2-D golf game in which you can enjoy the sport on all sorts of surfaces, finding more than one sandpit along the way that you’ll have to dig yourself out of before moving on to the next level.

The challenges don’t stop simply with a stiff headwind or bushes; you’ll also have to deal with portal gates, colored gels, and mazes that will force you to give it some real effort if you really want to make it to the next level.

Super strike golf 2

You can compete directly with all registered users by using the statistics panel that shows the highest scores of players from each level, although you can also play with your friends using the same device and compete to see who shoots lowest.

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Critical Strike Portable

This is a first-person action game that’s very similar to Counter Strike; it lets you play in sessions very much like those you’d find in that game.

In Critical Strike you either have to carry out missions against your friends in the game or actively collaborate with them to defeat terrorists or various other enemies. And in spite of how complicated it seems at the beginning, due to the large number of control buttons, bars, and statistics that it shows you while you play, Critical Strike is actually pretty easy to use.

The gameplay is completely adapted for touchscreens and is one of the best options in the genre that you can find on Android.

Critical Strike

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Rivals at War: 2084

This game is not just about strategy; in it, you control an entire squadron of soldiers and direct them against the enemy to conquer the whole galaxy.

Rivals War

You can play against soldiers controlled by artificial intelligence or against the enemy hordes of your Facebook friends.

The game is based on the orders and strategy that you plan using your soldiers and objects and the cards you use to direct them, since you can’t directly control your soldiers, but just direct them in one way or another.

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Tekken Card Tournament

This is Tekken as you’ve always known it but with one big difference: you don’t have to push the kick and punch buttons, but rather choose the attack or block card that you think best at that moment. This means you have to build up a deck of cards that you can adapt to whatever kind of combat you’re looking for.

Tekken Card

You can compete against other users’ decks, and gradually improve your own by buying new cards or fusing the ones you already have to create more powerful combinations.

A highly addictive strategy and combat game.

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Total Conquest

This is a real-time strategy game in which you have to create your own Roman city from scratch. You have raise new buildings and expand them, in addition to sending an army to your home front to protect your city from your rivals and developing the ability to manage your doman in the best way possible.

You can compete against your Facebook friends in the multiplayer mode, where you can show who’s the best strategist by flattening all enemy cities.

Total Conquest

It’s very similar to Age of Empires Online, and has an very comfortable gameplay interface.

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