Yep, you’re reading it right. The application lineup for our Android device is so big that currently it is almost impossible to find a field that doesn’t apply to any of the many tools available in Google Play. Whether it be hiking in your grandma’s town or getting lost in the Amazon jungle, the apps we’re going to show you are without a doubt more than useful in any kind of situation if you’re going on a day trip.

Android rural Five Android Apps for going on a day trip


Our GPS can be very useful at the appropriate time, but considering that Google Maps can’t bring you back to a specific spot in the middle of the mountains, nothing can be compared to a good compass. Compass also allows you to save notes and geographic locations.

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking
There isn’t anything more essential than a map. With Alpine Quest on your Android device, you’ll enjoy a topographical map that, combined with your phone’s GPS and its database of trails, will make hiking a much more simple and enjoyable experience.

trails Five Android Apps for going on a day trip

Tiny Flashlight
If your phone has an LED flash, Tiny Flashlight will turn it into a powerful flashlight, with the ability to use Morse code to send light signals by simply writing them on your device.

Sky Map
If your trip is at night, you’ll also be grateful you have this app in your pocket. Sky Map is capable of indicating which constellation you’re looking at through your phone’s camera. It also allows you to access information about the movement of the stars in the past several years in the “Time Travel” mode. Also, if you’re enjoying a clear night, all you have to do is type the name of the grouping of stars you’re looking for and Sky Map will indicate which direction to look.

skymap Five Android Apps for going on a day trip

Where’s my Droid
As the saying goes—forewarned is forearmed. This means that if you’re careful with your phone, you won’t have to buy another one when you lose it. For this reason Where’s my Droid was developed. By sending an SMS text message you can make the phone ring, or have it send its GPS location by e-mail.


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