Taking screenshots on Android has become a daily activity for most of us. It’s common to take these types of images and share them on our social networks or in text messages. Although taking a screenshot can be pretty simple, usually just requiring you to press two physical buttons on your device simultaneously, the truth is that it’s always nice to find apps that make it even easier to do. Firefox ScreenshotGo is a new app from Mozilla that simplifies the process of taking screenshots and organizing them. Currently, it’s only available in Indonesia, but you can download and use it freely without any geographic restrictions from our website.

Firefox ScreenshotGo

The new app from Mozilla offers only a few specific features but it does so excellently. After granting a thousand permissions -nothing dangerous- in order to use it (and even more on Xiaomi devices) you can activate the floating button that will let you take the screenshots with just a tap. This semitransparent button will stay on your screen and should go relatively unnoticed. Plus, you can place it anywhere on the screen by just dragging it around.

Firefox ScreenshotGo

Every time you take a screenshot with the button, you’ll access a new screen that will let you include it in a specific category. This organization of the images is extremely useful if you tend to take tons of screenshots everyday. While it comes with some categories by default, you can completely customize them by creating your own. What’s more, each time you enter the app, you’ll be notified of the shots that you have’t yet organized.

Firefox ScreenshotGo

We’re not sure if Firefox ScreenshotGo is an app for everyone, but we can whole-heartedly affirm that it’s a fantastic tool for those of us who spend the whole day taking screenshots. Not only for the quick access the button provides, but for the great organization possibilities the app offers.

Firefox ScreenshotGo for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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