As Mozilla announced a few months ago, on November 14th they launched a stable version of both the desktop and mobile version of Firefox 57. Its main addition is a new rendering engine which increases download speeds and browsing performance. After going through beta, the Android client is now available worldwide.

firefox quantum speed The revolutionary Firefox 57 Quantum is now available

On to the tests. We recently published a comparison of the most downloaded browsers on Android, where Firefox 57 came out on top of both its previous version and its main rival Chrome. In fact, Quantum uses 30% less RAM than Google’s browser.

The only difference between this version and the one we tested a few weeks ago is that at that time Pocket was only available for the versions in the United States, Canada, and Germany. For the rest of the world, it displayed a selection of articles related to your browsing history instead.

firefox 57 beta The revolutionary Firefox 57 Quantum is now available

Other than that it’s a revolutionary browser. Although most of the performance gains are found on the desktop client, the Android interface has also been refined considerably. Background memory consumption has been reduced, and the installation of extensions in the mobile version is also a great feature.

Firefox 57 for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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