Private web browsing is an ever-growing obsession thanks to the continual tracking scandals coming out involving big telecoms and the government itself. Now Firefox has jumped on the bandwagon, adding a Do Not Track open to version 42 of its browser to block any web element that tries to track your browsing habits.

This new anti-tracking protection mode can be activated either by opening an incognito tab or in normal browsing mode. In both cases, what this type of secure connection does is deactivate onscreen items that could compromise your privacy, removing parts of a webpage or directly preventing a page from loading if necessary.


This feature isn’t the only new thing about Firefox 42. For the Android version, the useful background page pre-loading system has finally arrived to the stable channel to keep new pages from loading over top of clicked hyperlinks to keep them in a list to read later. The desktop version also adds audio indicators in the browsing tab to silence any that are making sounds, an option that came to Chrome a good few months ago already.


In terms of test channels, Firefox Developer Edition has released its version 44 with new development tools focused on design and real-time visual previews of images and web animations.

More information | Official Mozilla blog


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