Mozilla’s most recent update to Firefox includes substantial improvements and important updates, while focusing greatly on its social aspect by integrating a way to share content with your friends on social networks easily and conveniently. However, there are other new features, especially for the Android version.

Firefox 23 cabecera

This latest version of Firefox includes a series of substantial changes ranging from purely aesthetic detail to improved features that people use most. It updates automatically, but those who have chosen to not install updates to the browser automatically, or have decided to try it for the first time with this version, have been able to download it since yesterday, August 7, when Firefox 23 was officially released.

First of all, the Firefox logo underwent changes for the third time since it was released on the market. It now looks like this:

Firefox 23 logo

Second, the browser has become even more social, following the model of its previous updates by making it easier to share content with your friends and increasing social network integration. Mozilla has the following improvements:

Facebook integration

There is a tab on the toolbar to make sharing content with your Facebook friends even easier. The whole having to search through the clutter of a website to find the share button, or opening Facebook and pasting a URL, has ended. This new feature on Firefox allows you to simply click on the toolbar, and the option to share it directly from there will appear.

Compartir en Facebook


Mozilla has done a good job at taking advantage of Google Reader’s closure, and has launched an improved RSS reader with its update. You can now subscribe to blogs that interest you more easily. You can add RSS feeds and read them from the browser itself, and adding new ones to the ones you already have is as easy as holding down on the URL bar. You can even change the text from Serif to Sans Serif.

You will also be able to enjoy improved browsing because the URL bar will hide as you scroll through web pages, giving you a more spacious view of the content.

Firefox has also improved viewing on small tablets, along with improvements in stability and security, and new HTML5 upgrades. It also has included the new “Awesome Screen” which auto-completes URLs to give you faster access to the websites you want to see, and allows you to switch between tabs much faster.

Mozilla Android


Mozilla has also improved the security it offers to users in its browser. Firefox now offers mix-content blocking, which prevents content on unsecure websites from being modified or read using man-in-the-middle attacks. It basically keeps malicious content from running without your permission.

In summary, there have been numerous improvements that will make daily tasks such as reading the news and sharing content with your friends easier, and now with greater security.

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