Each new version of Android usually includes an Easter egg in the form of a hidden animation. The new version has taken this a step further, hiding a clone of the one and only Flappy Bird. Now that the update is arriving to all Nexus devices and shortly will show up on third-party models, it’s a good time to explain how to unlock this hidden game.

  • Go to the Settings section and search in the lower part of the menu for the Phone Information option in the System.
  • Now click four times quickly on the ‘Android version’ option. A lollipop will appear whose color you can change by clicking on it.


  • If you hold your finger down on the screen you’ll go into a minigame. The control system is the same as in Flappy Bird: with each tap on the screen you’ll propel your character upward, and have to get around all the obstacles that get in your way, with a counter keeping track of them in the upper left part of the screen.


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