We’ve talked a few times here on the blog about the fantastic Remix OS, a complete Android operating system for desktop computers that’s fully adapted to Windows standards and controls. Till now the only way you could use it was by installing its image on a PC or virtualizing it over software like VirtualBox in a far-from-hassle-free process. Luckily, the creators of the tool have just released Remix OS Playera new version that run over the host operating system and lets you run all sorts of Android apps on Windows and take advantage of all the virtues of that interface. 


Remix OS Player requires no installation. Just launch the executable and after a few seconds it’ll be running in a window. To speed things up the developers have made the effort to create a startup wizard to customize your experience and modify a few parameters. In terms of virtualization you can set how much RAM you want to reserve for it as well as the number of CPUs to simulate and the native resolution of the desktop. Beyond that, you’ll get a list of apps to pick the ones you want to have installed. A rather impolite addition is that some apps of dubious utility come ticked by default – but that’s the price you pay for a completely free app.


Once the system has started up, you have an operating system exactly like the stand-alone version, with the added appeal that it can run everything in a window mode or superimpose itself over the host system in fullscreen. Pressing Ctrl+Alt lets you swap between the mouses for each operating system. Otherwise everything is the same, although there are a couple additions in the form of exclusive system settings as well as a rather handy vertical toolbar with shortcuts to frequent commands such as changing the orientation of the virtual Android device (essential for some apps that have to run in vertical mode).

In terms of emulation, it can dexterously run loads of apps and games of considerable graphic weight. And because it’s based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow you can be sure you won’t have app compatibility problems. Regarding how apps get installed, you can input your Google credentials to sync your data and download from Google Play. But – if you’ll forgive a bit of self-promotion here – there’s nothing to stop you using the Uptodown website or official app to install apps via APK.


Version 1.0 of Remix OS Player is promising indeed – as much as if not more than its image as an independent operating system, as in this case you can swap between Windows (or soon Mac) and a complete interface focused entirely on the Android ecosystem. Coming versions should fix the small stability problems we’ve noticed during our stints of fiddling with the program, as everything indicates that things can only get better.


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