Towards the end of November 2012, Mozilla released the Firefox 18 beta version. Now the final version of the Firefox 18 browser has been released, which incorporates new features such as support for Retina Display, and important improvements for its Android version.

Firefox 16 cabecera Final version of Firefox 18 now available

Firefox 18, the latest version of the Mozilla Foundation’s famous web browser, was made available for download on January 8. One of the most important improvements is that it now supports Retina Display, screens with high resolution (used on Apple laptops and mobile devices), providing an improved interface and user experience.

Another big improvement is the incorporation of a Javascript engine called IonMonkey, which makes websites load 25% faster. Program boot time has improved noticeably, in addition to better tab control and image quality thanks to the use of a new HTML scaling algorithm.

versión final de Firefox 18

There is also preliminary support for the WebRTC protocol, technology that will soon allow voice and video calls without having to incorporate plugins or third-party extensions into the browser.

The standard MozTouch was replaced with W3C, which offers support for touchscreen mobile devices. And just like Google Chrome, Firefox 18 now has a PDF viewer, although it isn’t activated by default, but rather you have to manually go in and activate it.

In addition to launching the official Firefox 18 for desktop computer, the Mozilla Foundation also has updated the browser for Android devices, improving search suggestions when typing in the URL bar. There have also been additional security improvements, such as the warnings that appear when you are about to access a potentially harmful website.

In summary, there are several important new features that have been included in this final version of Firefox 18. If you didn’t hear about it, it is most likely due to CES, which overpowered the news recently in the world of technology. But, we had to dedicate a post to a friend as reliable as the Firefox web browser.

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