Any RPG gamer worth their salt, regardless of how much their gaming habits have developed over the years, holds the Final Fantasy saga in high esteem, as for many people it offered their first encounter with Japanese role-play. Knowing this, and given that many ears still perk up at the sound of the theme for Sephirot, Square Enix has just released Final Fantasy Record Keeper for Android and iOS, a free-to-play game that brings back the most iconic moments of the entire saga in an impossible crossover.

Although the use of the license has gotten a bit out of hand in recent years with titles of hit-and-miss quality, this Record Keeper does indeed manage to bring back the elements most loved by veteran players: countless references to previous titles, turn-based strategic battles, and 2D graphics in the style of old-school Super Nintendo games.

final fantasy record keeper 1 Final Fantasy Record Keeper for Android: Pure nostalgia

The argument is the least interesting thing: someone has robbed a museum of a collection of paintings that show iconic scenes from each of the Final Fantasy games, and your task is to get them back. On this premise you’ll unlock missions based on the various installments in the series. In fact, the first fights you’ll have in the tutorial are taken right from the start of Final Fantasy VII, where you’ll see Cloud facing off against the members of SOLDADO. Sure to leave you in a cold sweat.

The game is based on farming and filling up your life bar by waiting for actual time to pass so you can ‘grind’ and get better kit for your later challenges. There lies the key of the free-to-play model, as you can opt to speed up the wait time with micropayments – you know the drill there.

[Download] Final Fantasy Record Keeper on Uptodown.


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