October 2015—an exclusive Japanese market only release of an Android game inspired by the universe of Final Fantasy hit the streets. Brave Exvius, developed at the studios at A-Lim under the auspicious supervision of Square-Enix, furnished users with a game system seemingly akin to the likes of Brave Frontier RPG, also by the same studio, with a title that brought together new characters reuniting the iconic legends of this saga. Finally, after forging its way through the homelands, it’s now available to download in APK format, localized in English and is shortly to be out in Spanish.


The title resorts to leaning on typical gameplay common within this saga like turn style combat (via an optional auto mode), incantations, special skills management and level ups. Lineal missions, made up of no more than half a dozen successive combats, finish off with a single boss.

These mini dungeons are the real flavor to this experience linked together through story mode where players visit small cities controlling their character “by hand” and participate in daily events, shops, and the usual social gaming—now a defining trademark of this studio within the world of Freemium RPGs and the like.

One thing is for sure, weighing in at a hefty 5 million downloads last year—to be clear game was still only out in Japanese—was no small feat. All indications point towards an anxiously awaited Western release that’s already in huge demand.


Not officially out yet, but we got it right here in APK format on Uptodown.


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