The world of soccer managers has never really gone out of style. Even on Android, there are plenty of huge sagas like Football Manager and Top Eleven. Over the years EA has tried a number of different strategies in an attempt to come up with a worthy competitor with mixed results. Although there is already an Ultimate Team saga, they’ve once again tried their luck through FIFA Soccer: Prime Stars, a new approach with simulator features common to the asian gaming market now on limited release, although it  is ready to download and install in APK format on Uptodown.

It’s surprising how things have completely changed within the game’s system, now using a “helper” that guides you through a tutorial in a game where most of what you have to do has been automated anyway. Essentially, you’re just a spectator that moderates while dramatic action music plays and your athletes do most of the work on their own. Watch as your players rise up through the ranks and unlock special abilities. It’s all very Japanese, and there’s still a lot more.


For starters, Prime Stars is not a demanding manager. Just browse the game menus to train your players, switch strategies, or change your team. You only get any real say through menus, because during games, you’re part of the audience watching some fairly peculiar events where “cards” move around a board which also works as a game territory and 3D scenes appear when there is a special event. The whole thing is actually based on rolls and stats, and it isn’t unusual to watch in awe as your star player shoots the ball so hard towards the goal that it actually bursts into flames. It almost looks like the scene came straight out of Mark Lenders rivals kicking the ball flying past in an awesome tiger shot.

In order to advance, you’ll need to really pressure and challenge your players during practice using different tests. The game follows the usual rep cycle common to most freemium games. One thing though, all of the official licenses and EA permissions back this game which means that you’ll be able to interact with teams and competitions from La Liga Española, the Premier Lige, the bundesliga alemana, Italy’s Serie A, and the French Ligue 1 with their official teams from the 2015-2016 season.

FIFA Soccer: Prime Stars was just soft-launched and is only officially available in Singapur, but it’s also ready now to download and install onto any android in its APK format straight from us to wherever you are on the planet, regardless of your geographic location and as always without any regional restrictions.


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