Feedly is an RSS reader with different PC versions for both Windows and Ubuntu, in addition to iOS and Android, which has become almost an indispenasble app, especially for those who use Google Reader and who are looking for a versatile program to use along with it. Not long ago, Feedly left its beta stage behind and introduced a series of new features and improvements, in addition to a much faster and fluid user experience on its version for smartphones.

feedly Feedly, the most complete RSS reader for iOS and Android

Until recently, the greatest thing that Feedly offered was that it was a Google Reader app. All you had to do was login to download all your feeds instead of downloading them all one by one to your phone. Even still, Feedly’s beta version had some issues when it came to saving your login information, which produced errors in the application and caused it to force close, making it nearly impossible to read anything in peace.

However, Feedly’s new simple design is more fluid and intuitive. It allows you to link content from YouTube, Tumblr, or sync your Twitter and Facebook accounts, in addition to always being able to manage your favorite blogs and their corresponding RSS feed. The biggest change that was made in regards to the Beta version is how the news feed is organized, almost as if it were a deck of cards in which each card has five news feeds, and you can mark them as read simply by swiping your finger across the screen. Each slide, or card, makes it easy to move among all your articles quickly.

Feedly was originally created as a reader for your Google Reader account, and the app maintains the colored side bar that makes browsing through the different categories extremely easy. It also has the recently very popular hidden bars at the side, which you can open up by dragging the screen towards the left or right. They display a series of categories that you can search through to discover new sources of news in RSS format.

Even with all the simplicity that the app boasts of, you have to dedicate some time to discovering and learning all the commands that are used to control Feedly, as it can seem a bit frustrating at first when you want to quickly get to the bottom of the news feed, for example, or when you get too far and the news feed closes.

This app deserves a special spot on any Android or iOS device for its amazing design and efficiency, and, in addition to all the other virtues already mentioned, Feedly is completely free.

Download Feedly on Uptodown
Version for Windows | http://feedly.en.uptodown.com/
Version for iPhone | http://feedly.en.uptodown.com/iphone
Version for Ubuntu | http://feedly.en.uptodown.com/ubuntu
Version for Android | http://feedly.en.uptodown.com/android

Official Website | http://www.feedly.com/


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