Facebook is all the about the videos these days. They’ve become the social network’s most seductive content and Facebook wants things to stay that way. That’s why they’ve recently announced a new update in which video is the biggest star: it builds in incentives to consume video media of longer duration.

Facebook videos

We can confirm that the current model for media consumption on smartphones follows the maxim “the shorter the better.” People prefer short clips and Facebook itself has helped shape that trend … until very recently. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network understands that it’s harder to make longer content that can retain the viewer’s attention throughout the whole thing. That’s why they added new features to give long videos more emphasis.

The biggest change involves measuring how much time you spend watching a video. This benefits longer clips as if they can capture you’re attention you’ll spend more time viewing them. The idea is “to avoid penalizing longer videos” and is based on Facebook’s confidence that its media makers create interesting and relevant content. As Facebook says on its Newsroom blog: “The best length for a video is whatever length is required to tell a compelling story that engages people.” And Facebook thinks that, if it takes a longer video to do that, all the better.

Facebook videos

The most useful indicator of a video’s effectiveness, its viewing time, is something YouTube has been keeping track of for ages and has led to an increase in videos over 10 minutes in length. This new boost for long videos means you’ll get more recommendations for longer videos in your News Feed, with the update expected to roll out bit by bit over the next few weeks.

More info | Facebook Newsroom

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