One of the features that Facebook users were most excited about has finally arrived at the social network: nested comments in conversation threads. Also, this new Replies feature will reorder those who are participating in the conversation according to their relevance. It is simple feature that will undoubtedly improve how you keep track of all the comments by providing more organization.

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After the trials that Facebook was carrying out but stopped last November, nested comments have begun to take effect on several profiles, even though for now it won’t be a feature that everyone will be able to enjoy (or hate).

This new feature was first rolled out exclusively on Facebook pages and profiles with more than 10,000 followers where users can activate the “Reply” link if they want to. And, if they don’t, these users will be able to keep the traditional format until July 10 when it is hoped that the feature will be available, and mandatory, for all users of the social network.

The purpose behind this change is that comments on a post can be responded to directly, linking the answers right below the comment, making it so that several conversations can take place within the same post.

Another thing to highlight about Facebook Replies is that conversation threads will look different on each profile because the comments are reordered according to relevance and distance. Comments with more “Likes,” or those posted by your own friends, will appear towards the top with the hopes of promoting interaction among users.

For the time being, these innovations will only be available for the desktop version of Facebook, although it is also rumored that they are also working on it for the mobile app.

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