Facebook has always suffered a deep identity crisis in terms of usage of its functionalities. Wall posts are used for everything from small status updates to enormous existential treatises, but that shouldn’t be the case. The Notes features was also conceived of as a small, independent editor for processing long posts, but it’s only now that it’s getting the attention it deserves with a complete redesign that brings it ever closer to what it should be, a content manager for blogs that’s integrated into the social network.

Typing http://www.facebook.com/notes will take you to your editing page, and clicking on Write a note at the top right opens the editor, where you can select a header for your text along with the title and body, and apply several editing formats with several header levels, block quotes, pull quotes, and numbering. You can also add images and videos between paragraphs. Posts inevitably come out looking like traditional blogs, with the name of the author and the date of publication below the headline and the comments field at the bottom. Everything is there for the Notes section to function as it’s meant to.


All your notes, besides appearing on your Facebook friends’ walls, will be correlatively compiled at https://www.facebook.com/<username>/notes, and obviously always restricted to the privacy limits you’ve set. Can you use Facebook Notes as a blog, then? Yes indeed. Facebook has no limits on file storage, so you can forget about the limits to free hosting on WordPress and other CMSes. If your needs are pretty straightforward when it comes to customizing your post and your sites are more focused on your immediate social circle, it’s a practical decision.

More information| Facebook Blog



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