Facebook might buy Whatsapp, which could turn out to be a very wise move. The social network’s next step is surely guided by its need to standardize and expand its use as an instant messaging application. Although Facebook Messenger has been working for a few months since its desktop chat version was released, it isn’t used nearly as much as the star on the playing field: Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Facebook Facebook might buy Whatsapp

Techcrunch affirms that according to sources close to the agency, Mark Zuckerberg’s emporium is currently in negotiations with Whatsapp Inc. to purchase and integrate it with Facebook. If so, it would be a move that would unify two leaders in the world of social networks.

According to recent data, at the end of 2011 Whatsapp had mind-boggling numbers–more than 41 million messages per hour were being sent using the service. If we add the 900 million registered users on Facebook to that, it becomes pretty clear that an association such as this could mean an unbeatable rival that perhaps only Google and its tremendous user base could stand up to.

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