Facebook Messenger is still hell-bent on adding features left, right, and center every week or so. Last week we got emoji reactions and chat mentions, and now there’s a new addition that’s as useful as it is controversial: you can share your location in real time.

Facebook Messenger Live Location

We’ve been able to share a geolocation on Facebook Messenger for a while now, but this new feature is quite different as it reveals exactly where you are for a maximum of an hourThis means you can show where you are at any moment and whoever sees it in the chat where you share it can be confident that that’s literally where you are. And yes, it works in group chats, too. Late for a work meeting or dinner with friends? Now you can show them exactly how far away you are. It’s also a good way to find a midpoint to meet up with someone.

Facebook Messenger Live Location

Obviously we should note that whether and when you use this is entirely up to you, and you can cut the Live share at any moment. Still, don’t forget that your Live Location only gets shared for 60 minutes. It’s easy as pie to share this kind of Live content. Just tap the new button to send your location and then tap the button to stop it whenever you’re ready (or let the 60 minutes run out automatically).

It’s still too soon to see how this new feature will go down, though a clamor of voices are certain to raise a fuss about privacy. Still, Waze has offered this feature for a long time now with no significant problems, so we trust this new Messenger function will simply serve to further enrich the experience in this app that’s looking more like a Swiss Army knife every day.

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