It was clear that Facebook was going to give a lot of importance to its chat feature when it decided to separate it from the mobile app, and created an entirely separate one. With the inclusion of voice messages in Facebook Messenger, for both Android and iOS, Facebook’s messaging service has become a multipurpose utility that now works as both a messaging service in addition to a voicemail service, in which you can listen to audio recordings that others users have sent you, even though for now they can record only up to a minute.

facebook messenger cabecera Facebook Messenger now lets you send voice messages

The voice message is sent as an attachment, and you can access it from the web, although there still isn’t an option for sending voice messages using your computer’s mic. The mobile feature is similar to the application Poke: you just hold down the button to record and it automatically sends the message.

Another announcement that Facebook has made is that they are testing VOIP calls using the social network, which would be one step further in regards to the agreement it has with Microsoft and Skype. These VOIP calls using Facebook are being tested exclusively in Canada, and the feature can be used both via the iOS app and the web version, and it even works on mobile networks.

This is an important move on Facebook’s part – it could easily replace many services that phone companies normally offer.

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