Facebook Messenger is currently without rivals. While a few weeks ago an important update arrived that added the ability to manage your group chats and make VoIP calls,  the recent 5.0 version has brought new features focused on how you share content with contacts, with new shortcuts and the ability to sent short videos or take pictures without leaving the chat window.

Now underneath the chat window you’ll see new icons to show the different content types that you can share. From the text mode you can both type and add emoticons. From the camera icon you can take both photos and videos and still keep your conversation tab open, and view the previews in real time in the lower part of the screen.


The way you share content already stored on your device in a gallery has also been improved, with a new, more intuitive system for sharing several photos or videos at a time. The stickers icon lets you see free ones and buy new ones. And finally, the mic icon lets you send short audio messages without abandoning the conversation.

This new version of Facebook Messenger is available for free for iOS and Android, with the latter version having arrived just yesterday.


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