The start of the new month has come upon us filled with new features on some of the world’s most popular social networks. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all gotten different updates to their sites and Android apps that, in some cases, spell drastic changes to how we’ll communicate.

redes novedades featured Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all get new stuff for April

Facebook adds donations

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network continues to broaden its sights and bit by bit Facebook is aiming to become a sort of pillar of daily life where nearly everything is possible. Its latest addition is the option for Facebook users to collect donations for fundraisers in the following categories: education, medicine, veterinary services, natural disasters, personal emergencies, and burials. Plus a donations button will be added to Facebook Live casts by verified pages. This new feature is for now being tested in the United States and, depending on how well it goes, will expand to other countries.

Instagram gets new stickers

Looks like the addition of geostickers has been a success for Instagram and bit by bit they’ve added new places, though the truth is there are still very few cities. To make the wait easier while new places get added, they’ve now decided to release stickers for the different days of the week. They work the same way as all other stickers and you can use them on both photos and videos. We foresee a new genre of Friday selfies with all sorts of happy flair.

instagram screenshot Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all get new stuff for April

Twitter allows 140 characters in responses

Twitter has been trying for a while now to find ways to expand the content of the 140 characters without, well, adding more characters. While before we saw that they removed images, videos, and Quote Tweets from the 140-count, now they’ve done the same thing with replies. Answering someone else’s tweet now won’t cost you characters as the threads have been modified so you can use all 140 characters with no problems. This is a good change that’s generating a lot of fuss as now it’s not always so clear who you’re talking to. Everything takes some getting used to.

twitter screenshot Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all get new stuff for April

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