Facebook continues its inexorable march to try to take over our smartphones with an attempt to move into the global usage experience. With its Messenger app Facebook has already managed to finagle a place among the ‘basic’ apps on a large chunk of devices. Now, the Hello app acts as a bridge between your call dialer and your contacts network, offering a tool to identify any incoming call with data from Facebook, whether because you have that person in your friends list or because their information is already public.

Once installed, the app will replace the default dialer on your Android, and lets you make calls from your address book to both your Facebook friends or people who have their number publicly available on the social network. The interesting thing is that you can associate any phone number with a Facebook account even if that person has not shared it publically.

hello facebook 1 Facebook releases Hello, its own caller ID service

This makes it so when you call the user in question you’ll see his or her name, profile picture, and some of their profile information alongside the number of friends you have in common. This is a good way to get your bearings when you have too many people in your friends list and want to know who you’re talking to. In addition, Hello has an option to block incoming calls if they’re from unknown or hidden numbers, or ones you’ve opted to block yourself.

hello facebook 2 Facebook releases Hello, its own caller ID service

Besides individual contacts, Hello can also identify business phone numbers if they appear on the company’s official Facebook page. In fact, if you do a search for the company in the upper space on the dialpad, you’ll automatically see a list of phone numbers for the matching business or commercial results so you can call them directly.


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