Facebook recently launched a new functionality for its feature-laden smartphone app: Find Wi-Fi is a map displayed on Facebook showing all nearby places with a WiFi connection. One more highly interesting feature that’s now available for all users of the app.

facebook wi-fi

Facebook usually tests its new features in certain parts of the world for a short time before deciding to roll it out to all users. This is what happened with Find Wi-Fi, a new feature to discover places in a specific area where you can get online. The one hitch is that it only displays locales that have a Facebook page, which considerably limits the efficiency of the search.

facebook wifi screenshot en Facebook now lets you search for free Wi-Fi from the app

To use this novelty you’ll have to tap the button at the top right that takes you to your Applications, where you’ll find the new function with a red icon on the left. After tapping Find Wi-Fi, you’ll get a list of spots that have indicated on their Facebook pages that they have networks. You can even see them on a map, which is handy for discovering new places in your area.

This new Facebook tool is not bad at all, but it does have a few defects: at no point does it tell you if the connection is free or not and, again, it only shows you places that have a Facebook page. Even still, it’s a very simple and smooth feature that’s sure to get you out of more than one tight spot if you’re running low on data. If you’ve got a business and want to show up on the list, just add that info to your Facebook page.

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