Much as we love simultaneous releases on both iOS and Android, lots of apps still take eons to appear on one OS or the other. One of the most glaring of these cases is FaceAppa picture editor that’s been a huge hit on iOS for weeks already and has finally rolled out on the platform of the green droid. Now the question is: Was it worth the wait?

FaceApp Android

We’re looking at one of those apps that go viral from one day to the next. The herd instinct of the Internet is quite random and it’s nearly impossible to tell what or who will go viral next. FaceApp has managed it with its odd premise: this tool lets you change any face using AI and neural networks. It can make a smile appear on your face, age you into decrepitude, or even change your gender. The result is, at minimum, surprising. (That said, try to use good illumination in your selfie.)

FaceApp Android

What’s truly surprising about all this is that the app learns from each new selfie you upload so it can recognize ever more facial features. And it’s certainly got a lot of selfies to learn from, given how popular the app has gotten (helped in no small part by the fact that it lets you share photos straight to Instagram and Facebook). You can save your resulting images to your Gallery or make a collage out of the original photo alongside its variants.

FaceApp Android

So back to our original question: was it worth the wait? The truth is I can’t really give a definitive answer, especially considering how many picture editors are out there. Yes, FaceApp is popular for good reason. It’s a very fun tool to use and will surprise more than one person with its results. Not hysterically funny, but still cool.

FaceApp for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


  1. Totally agreed with this article, when i started using FaceApp, i had a question, how they’re doing it and now it has been cleared to me that something wrong is going at the backend.


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