Material Design is everywhere these days, popping up in any app worth its salt, and that’s exactly what Google wants to see happening. Though some developers are dragging their feet, it’s gradually becoming the standard it should be. One app that’s already jumped on the bandwagon is Fabulous, a sort of motivational diary for healthy habits that, besides being brilliant at what it does, has one of the best visual interfaces seen in its niche.

Fabulous Android

The aim of this agenda is clear from the moment you first open it: to try to turn you into a little bit better of a person. To do it, Fabulous offers a set of little routines that promise to gradually improve your quality of life. Tiny changes to your habits, like drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up and increasing the quantity bit by bit. If you do your tasks you’re rewarded with lovely motivational mantra cards that follow the design standards of the app.

Besides creating routines, Fabulous has training starter kits for different fields: meditation, exercise, doing yoga, improving concentration. This virtual training comes with different motivational messages customized for each activity to encourage you and suggest real-life ways to help build your new habits.

fabulous screen shot Fabulous helps you get motivated and build healthy habits

Fabulous recommends habits to adopt, but you can also set your own resolutions to make the app run as an agenda. The so-called rituals are highly customizable and you can enter one of the app’s preset options or create your own. You decide how intense you want it to be: Fabulous might just serve as a simple reminder app or you can turn it into a powerful agenda.

screen shot fabulous2 Fabulous helps you get motivated and build healthy habits

This app puts its aesthetic on par with its content and manages to achieve an elegant hybrid that’s impossible not to appreciate. Fabulous is a rare bird in the Android ecosystem: a free app that tries to improve your life little by little by helping you make small changes.

Fabulous for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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